Does REI Allow Dogs? Is REI Dog-Friendly?

REI is a popular outdoor store chain that aims to provide customers with a wide selection of items for their outdoor adventures. Many people may wonder if they are allowed to bring their dogs into an REI store, as it can be hard to leave them at home while shopping. The official policy of REI is that dogs are not permitted in stores, and the staff will enforce REI pet policy. 

Are Dogs Allowed Inside REI?

In accordance with company guidelines, no pets are allowed in REI retail stores – except for service animals. Although it’s not always enforced strictly everywhere, some REI shops have been reported to make an exception and permit dogs inside their premises.

As a result, the implementation of this pet policy may differ from store to store as it is up to each manager and staff member’s discretional authority.

What Is REI’s Official Dog Policy?

If you don’t have a service animal or an emotional support dog, there are still some places where you can take your dog without having to worry about breaking any rules. You can call the REI store ahead of time to ask about their policy, tweet them or email them. 

Alternatively, you can simply stop by without your dog and ask. Depending on the store, REI dog policy may vary, so it’s best to take some time to research beforehand. 

It is important to remember that REI’s official pet policy is in place for a reason. Before bringing any dog into an REI store, it’s essential to consider their temperament and how well-socialized and trained they are. This will help ensure that everyone has pleasant experience while shopping at the REI store. 

Are REI Stores Dog-friendly? 

Despite some stories from shoppers, REI stores are not pet-friendly. Unfortunately, bringing your furry companion is typically prohibited in REI locations and strictly enforced by employees. 

Still, depending on the situation at hand, you may be able to receive an exception if you call ahead of time and speak with a manager. Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that exceptions cannot always be granted; so don’t count on taking Fido along for your shopping trip!

Are Service Dogs Allowed In REI?

However, those who have service animals may have more flexibility when bringing them into REI stores. Service animals are allowed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

In such cases, individuals may be asked to show proof of certification for their service animal. If no certification is available, then the individual may be asked to provide information about their service animal and the tasks it performs for them. 

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In REI?

Unfortunately, emotional support dogs are not considered service animals under the ADA and therefore are not allowed in REI stores. This can be a disappointment for those who rely on their emotional support dog for companionship and comfort. 

There are other businesses that do accommodate emotional support dogs, so it is important to check with each business before bringing your pet into their store. 


In conclusion, although REI does not allow emotional support dogs and pet dogs in its stores, there are other businesses that do accommodate them. Ultimately, it is up to the REI store manager to enforce company policy, so individuals should check with each REI store before bringing their dog out shopping.  

By taking some time to research beforehand, you can make sure that your furry friend is able to enjoy the outing with you.

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