Does Party City Allow Dogs Inside? Is Party City Pet Friendly? Pet Policy 2023 Guide

Are you looking to bring your pup along for a shopping trip at Party City? It’s important to know about Party City pet policy first. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about bringing a dog into the Party City store – from what types of pets are allowed and how to identify a fake service animal, to whether or not you can put your pup in the Party City shopping cart. 

Is Party City Pet Friendly?

So, is Party City dog friendly? Yes! If you’re looking for a store that’s friendly to both you and your pup, Party City is a great option. According to a recent social experiment, 8 out of 10 people have taken their dogs into the store and had a great experience.

Does Party City Allow Dogs Inside?

As long as your pup is kept on a leash and well-behaved, the store will welcome them in – even offering pet stations for customers to take their dogs to the restroom. 

Does Party City allowed dogs incide? 

The answer is: yes! Dogs are typically allowed in most stores, as long as their owners take responsibility for them behaving properly. There’s no official policy on pets at Party City, but employees rarely object to dogs entering the store. All you have to do is make sure your pup doesn’t cause any disruption while shopping and they’ll fit right into the party atmosphere!

What Is Official Party City Dog Policy?

Party City’s pet policy allows both service animals, pet dogs and emotional support animals. 

As per Federal law, all Party City stores must allow service animals on premises as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act. To be recognized as a service animal, the dog must have been trained to do specific tasks related to disability and owners don’t have to disclose any information about the service dog’s capabilities or tasks. 

Should your local jurisdiction permit dogs in stores, then it is likely that your nearest Party City will also accommodate them. However, please note that emotional support animals are not considered service animals.

Does Party City Allow Pets In Strollers?

Although Party City does not allow pets in strollers for safety reasons, customers have reported seeing animals and dogs being transported in shopping carts – however, this is against the law (FDA guidelines). 

Can Service Dogs Sit In Shopping Carts At Party City?

Unfortunately, service dogs are not allowed to sit in shopping carts at Party City or be on a mat or inside of baskets. Exception to this rule are not easy to come by. 

Does Party City Dog Policy Vary Per Store?

Yes, it can. All kinds of dogs are welcome to join the fun at every Party City store, but some locations may need to restrict pet access due to state or local laws and ordinances, as well as any safety concerns expressed by the branch manager.


In conclusion, Party City welcomes both service and emotional support animals into their store as long as they are kept on a leash and other safety precautions are taken. Customers have reported having a great experience while bringing their pets to the store – however, it’s important to remember that service dogs are not allowed to sit in shopping carts at any time. With this information in mind, you should now have the knowledge necessary for planning an enjoyable outing with your pup at Party City! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about whether or not Party City allows dogs inside. We hope you found it useful when making your decision on whether to bring your pup the next time you go shopping! Have a great day!

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